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The internet has democratised the way we interact with media, it gives anyone willing to speak up a platform. As participants in an international political and cultural system, it is imperative that opinions and voices come from non-traditional sources, for too long old institutions have had a monopoly on commentary and thought. Our audience is a reflection of our contributors; young, informed and intelligent – who believe there is more to coverage for millenials than clickbait titles and ‘made-for-viral’ content. We welcome anyone with insightful and articulate writing, on topics ranging from current affairs to pop culture and everything in between.We are also eager to feature compelling photo sets from photographers, both amateur and professional, for our Through The Lens series.

If you want to be part of the change and make your voice heard please send a cover letter and a 500 word article on a current issue you care about, for our consideration, to: admin@thepolar.net

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